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Friday Five: Minnesotans take on Bruce Springsteen

Digata's Ryan Olson, Drew Christopherson, and Maggie Morrison reunite for a rare show this weekend (Publicity photo)

It’s Friday afternoon, and a weekend packed with shows is just around the corner… Let’s slip on our headphones and help these final few hours of the day tick by with some great Minnesota-made videos. Ok? Ok.

Meet them tonight in Atlantic City

A few weeks back in an undisclosed location, four of the Twin Cities’ finest singer-songwriters gathered to play a show together as part of the ongoing Live Letters series. If you weren’t one of the lucky few who got to see it in person, soak up some of that raw “hootenanny” style charm with Claire de Lune, Frankie Lee, Dave Simonett, and Actual Wolf’s rendition of Springsteen’s classic “Atlantic City.”

The return of Digitata

There are lots of reasons to head to tomorrow’s Totally Gross National Party. It’s the official release show for Moonstone Continuum’s new album Salon Edition, plus one of the first big shows for new act Pony Bwoy. As for me, I’ll be in the front row at 6:10 p.m. for Digitata, who are reuniting just for this gig. All three members of the group have gone on to other big project—lead singer Maggie Morrison with Lookbook and Votel, drummer Drew Christopherson with Votel and Polica, and Ryan Olson with, well, pretty much every act on the TGNP bill in one way or another—and it’s going to be a thrill seeing them play these old songs together again.

Caroline Smith’s girl party

This video is potentially NSFW, depending on how uptight your W is, but it has a great, wholesome, and empowering message: Every body is beautiful, and Caroline Smith is here to show us that sometimes a gal and her besties just needs to dance around in their underwear. Ya know?

Gingko’s smoking patio

There’s something very Big Lebowski about this video’s main character. It’s a good thing.

Backstage with the Oddfathers

Attention, KISS fans. New group the Oddfathers—which features Flipp’s Brynn Arens singing lead—recently took on “Let Me Go (Rock ‘n’ Roll) as part of a new tribute album/charity project called A World Without Heroes.