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Friday Five: Lizzo, No Bird Sing, Brian Laidlaw, and more new videos

Brian Laidlaw (right) recorded a new video in Humboldt County, California.

Happy Friday! Here are a handful of the best new videos to come out of the Minnesota scene this week, starting with one powerful performance filmed in our own studios here by Lizzo and her Lizzobangers cohort Lazerbeak:


Watch Ms. Picked to Click 2013 rap about switches, witches, and pros in a radio-friendly version of her fiery song “Faded,” and hear more from Lizzo and Lazerbeak this Sunday night at 6 p.m. when their session airs on the Local Show.

No Bird Sing featuring Molly Dean

True story: The first time I watched this new No Bird Sing video I thought it was a trailer for some kind of Hollywood blockbuster playing as an ad before the actual video began. After about 20 seconds, I realized this was the video, and I was incredibly impressed. The arrangement, the additional vocals by Molly Dean, Joe Horton’s rapping (does’t he sound a little like Jay Z here?), and the quality of the video, directed by Andre Durand, all bring the group to the next level in an exciting way. No Bird Sing release Definition Sickness November 12 via Sage Francis’s Strange Famous Records.

The Starfolk

This is such a fun video, and a great introduction to all four members of the Starfolk and what they’re all about. Catch them live at the Cedar on November 30 at the big Korda Records showcase, which also features the Ocean Blue, the Jim Ruiz Set, and a reunion set by Allison LaBonne and Brian Tighe’s previous band, the Owls.

Marijuana Deathsquads

Revisit Marijuana Deathsquads’ performance at this year’s Totally Gross National Party, with extra trippy visual additions by Playatta.

Brian Laidlaw

And for something completely different, we end with a somber, sweet little melody from songwriter Brian Laidlaw, who is celebrating the release of his new solo EP, Echolalia, tonight at Icehouse (details in the Local Gig List). Recorded for the Humboldt Live Sessions in Humboldt County, California, the video also features backing support from Laidlaw’s bandmate Danny Vitali.