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Friday Five: P.O.S. gets remixed, John Mark Nelson plays the back of a van

Carroll star in the first episode of a new local music video series called Spaces (Publicity photo)

It’s been another busy week for local music, with the Picked to Click results hitting newsstands this past Wednesday and Prince throwing another crazy party out at Paisley Park tonight. Before we skip on out of our cubicles for the weekend, here are a few more little tidbits of Minnesota music news to get you caught up on what’s happening around town. Happy Friday! And hope to see you out at a show.

P.O.S. gets remixed

So P.O.S. is releasing a new version of his 2012 banger-packed album We Don’t Even Live Here next Tuesday, remixed by his noise collective Marijuana Deathsquads. Does that mean he remixed himself? The new versions of the tracks will include extra verses from P.O.S. in addition to guest spots from Lizzo, Greg Grease, Sims, and Mike Mictlan. To preview the remix album, WDELH/MDS/RMX, P.O.S. performed the revamped “Lockpicks, Knives, Bricks and Bats” for Adam Dunn’s #LAAB series.

John Mark Nelson plays a van, man

I’ve never really thought about it before, but now I’d really like to attend a show in the back of a moving van. If house shows and living room concerts ever get too played out this could be the next wave of intimate gig experiences? Or maybe it’s just a cool idea for a video, courtesy of Duluth-based North Shore Sessions.

Volcano Choir visit City of Music

It’s no secret that Justin Vernon and filmmaker Dan Huiting have a special relationship; Dan has created music videos and a documentary for Bon Iver, and his relationship with Vernon helped him to break out of Minneapolis and start working with more national artists. For their latest collaboration, Huiting filmed Vernon and his Volcano Choir bandmates for an episode of Pitchfork’s City of Music series.

Carroll introduce us to Spaces

Yet another cool new locally based music video series popped up this week. This one’s called Spaces, and the premise is that bands “introduce new music, collaborate with other musicians and/or perform in unique spaces of their choosing.” For their first installment, Spaces filmed the recently Picked-to-Click band Carroll playing three unreleased songs at the Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis.

Botzy rides the beat

Watch Botzy get rained on, do laundry, and go on a series of cute dates with a lady friend in his new video for “Ride the Beat,” the first track off his Past Tense EP.