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Friday Five: The Cloak Ox, Hastings 3000, and more new videos

The Cloak Ox dropped a new video this week and hit the Fine Line tonight (Photo by Cameron Wittig)

Are people starting to line up for tomorrow night’s Prince show at Paisley Park yet? You’ve heard it’s supposed to rain and thunderstorm all day tomorrow, right? This could get interesting… In the meantime, let’s stay dry indoors and sample a handful of the freshest videos to emerge from the Minnesota music scene. Happy Friday!

The Cloak Ox

Lizzo co-stars in this new video, because who wouldn’t want to run away with her? I hope my mid-life crisis ends this well. Catch the Cloak Ox playing songs off their stellar new album tonight at the Fine Line, where they will be opening for Why?

Hastings 3000

More a short film than a music video, this new offering from Hastings 3000 was filmed in the Badlands and reveals Joe Hastings’ true identity as an electrified alien. But you probably already knew that.

Bad Bad Hats

Watch up-and-comers Bad Bad Hats play shoot hoops while offering up the cutest, twee-est indie rock cover of Shania Twain’s “That Don’t Impress Me Much” that has ever existed.

Sifu Hotman

As previously reported, this new collaboration finds MC Guante teaming up with promising, squirrely young rapper Dem Atlas and producer Rube to form a group called Sifu Hotman. It’s raw, fresh, honest music—and most importantly, it looks like they’re having a lot of fun making it.

Jenny Dalton

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Jenny Dalton, a piano-focused songwriter who made a name for herself in the mid- to late-’00s on the strength of her delicate, beautiful pop music. Jenny’s back on the scene this month holding down a Wednesday night residency at Cause, and she has a new home-recorded album that is due out in early 2014. She offered up a first taste of her new material this week with a video of her performing “Over My Dead Body” for AuxSend.tv.