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Friday Five: A documentary on Dan Corrigan, Pennyroyal’s paper dolls, and more new videos

Happy Friday! We begin this week’s Friday Five rundown with something a little different: A mini-documentary from our friends at MN Original on one of the most devoted and talented behind-the-scenes staples of our local music scene.

Dan Corrigan

Minneapolis’s most well-known music photographer, Dan Corrigan—who captured everyone from Soul Asylum to Babes in Toyland to Prince to the Replacements (including their iconic rooftop portrait on the cover of Let It Be) back in the city’s supposed “heyday”—finds himself on the other side of the camera lens in this moving profile by MN Original. “Everybody’s a photographer. Who isn’t a photographer?,” he asks. “I made a living as a photographer for 25 years and the digital age made that almost impossible to keep on doing.”

Frankie Teardrop

Not only is the name Frankie Teardrop one of the best names since Cry-Baby Walker, but the music he’s been releasing so far demands attention. Think early Strokes, Wavves, Howler, et al; this is electric, surfy punk rock that just chugs and chugs.


What would it be like if Al Church, Neal Perbix, and Jeremy Hanson showed up at your house and played one of their BBGUN songs in your living room? Now you know…


Let it be known: Minnesota bands will break your heart with sneakily devastating music videos that rely on nothing more than inanimate objects like paper dolls and wooden figurines. Ouch. In less heartrending news, Pennyroyal play a release show for their new album Baby I’m Against It (which they promise is generally much faster and more upbeat than this sweet little tune) on Tuesday, November 19 at Icehouse.

The Parlour Suite

Forget everything you thought you knew about the Parlour Suite. This new video for “Pressure”—filmed by master of the white cyc Adam J. Dunn—finds the band moving away from indie-folk and toward that oh-so-hot electro-pop/R&B sound that has come to define Minneapolis in recent years.