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Friday Five: Haley Bonar, Red Mountain, and more new Minnesota music videos

Duluth's Red Mountain have a new full-length on the way next month

It’s Friday! What better excuse is there to bug off of work for a little while and catch up on some of the best new Minnesota music videos? We have a lot of great ones on deck this week, starting with a fiery (literally) new video from Haley Bonar…

Haley Bonar

We already knew Haley Bonar was heading in a new musical direction when she posted a teaser clip a few weeks back, and now we get to hear the full song and see the bold new music video by Minneapolis-based filmmaker Dan Huiting. We’re expecting the new Haley Bonar record to drop sometime next spring.

Red Mountain

Our resident Duluth expert, Walt Dizzo, passed this video along and let me know that he’s been keeping his eye on Red Mountain as a band that has the potential to break out of the Twin Ports and find a wider audience here in the Cities. I believe him, but we don’t have to take Walt’s word for it—check out the band in the clip below, and get ready for the release of their new album, Scowl Lightly, on December 6.

Paul Metsa’s take on the JFK Assassination

Songwriter and West Bank folk mainstay Paul Metsa actually wrote this song, “Jack Ruby,” back in 1992. But with the 50th anniversary of assassination of JFK being observed today, he decided to give the song a new treatment with a music video that features archival footage from that historical day. For more on Metsa’s thoughts on the JFK assassination and “Jack Ruby,” see this interview he did recently with MPR News’ Chris Roberts.

Greycoats’ ode to the Foshay Tower

To accompany their song “Foshay,” Minneapolis indie rockers Greycoats dug up old film clips and recruited a ballet dancer to help tell the story of how the first skyscraper west of the Mississippi came to be. Read the lyrics for the song in Marianne Combs’ blog post here.

Fathom Lane’s sugar

Fathom Lane’s Michael Ferrier (who I just interviewed here) and Ashleigh Still co-star in this sugary romp through ’50s nostalgia and sensuality, all set to the sweet strains of their new alt-country single, “Sugardown.” Fathom Lane will be at Icehouse tomorrow night releasing their new vinyl album, Fathom Lane, along with batteryboy.