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Minnesota Beatle Project Vol. 5 track listing unveiled

Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 5 cover art by Adam Turman

Mark Gehring and musician Martin Dosh stopped by the Current’s Morning Show today to share the details for the fifth volume of Minnesota Beatle Project, an annual covers compilation that raises money for music education in Minnesota schools.

Gehring, who launched the project back in 2009 with his nonprofit Vega Productions, says that they’ve managed to avoid duplicating any songs throughout the five volumes of Beatles covers, which have featured luminaries from throughout the state’s music community.

This year’s compilation comes with a bittersweet twist, however: It’s the final installment that Gehring and Vega Productions will release.

Here’s the track listing for Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 5:

1. Actual Wolf, “Your Mother Should Know”
2. Zoo Animal, “Dig a Pony”
3. Carroll, “She Said She Said”
4. Gary Burger, “I Feel Fine”
5. The Suburbs, “Taxman”
6. Sonny Knight and the Lakers, “Day Tripper”
7. Chris Bierden of Polica, “Because”
8. Meme, “Here, There and Everywhere”
9. Dosh, “Blue Jay Way”
10. Greycoats, “Nowhere Man”
11. Okee Dokee Brothers, “Mother Nature’s Son”
12. The Cactus Blossoms, “This Boy”
13. Denfeld High School Jazz Band, “Please Please Me”

Vega Productions will celebrate the release of Minnesota Beatle Project, Vol. 5 as part of Curtiss A’s annual tribute to John Lennon on Sunday, December 8. Sonny Knight and the Lakers and the Cactus Blossoms will perform their covers from this year’s compilation at the release show.

Listen to the audio from today’s Morning Show segment here:

  1. Listen The Morning Show features MN Beatle Project Vol. 5