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Doomtree Blowout Nine: Not just for grownups any more

Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR

Doomtree kicked off their blowout weekend with an early all-ages show at the Triple Rock on December 12. Waiting in line for the doors to open, it was clear this was not the typical 21+ First Avenue crowd; the show had drawn a lot of kids and parents out to see some live music. As the show started, those same young fans proved they were not just casual Doomtree fans: they passionately sang along to some of the hits as the show opened. At one point Dessa asked the crowd for a show of hands from everyone under nine years old, and small group of hands went up right in front, along with a few others scattered throughout the crowd.

Doomtree fit an incredible amount of material into their 90-minute set—not just from the Doomtree collective catalog, but from many of the members’ solo releases as well. To fit it all in, each member had a mini-mashup segment, playing a few condensed versions of their solo songs in a row, with only one to two verses of each. Sprinkled throughout the set were a few new tunes, likely some tracks that will be included on the next Doomtree collective album that they worked on at a cabin earlier this fall. The main set ended with an emotional version of “Little Mercy,” with Dessa and Cecil Otter singing to each other on stage, before the massive beat of P.O.S’s “Get Down” dropped, launching the entire crowd into the air jumping around. That rolled right into “Bangarang” to close out the main set. The show wound down with the exuberant “Team the Best Team” for an encore.

The ninth annual blowout will continue with three shows this weekend at First Avenue.

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