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2013: The year in music photos

Year-end lists can seem a little silly, but at the same time there is something really valuable about taking the time to reflect on what you’ve done over the last year.

With a holiday-season lull in touring bands coming through the studios, and not too many local releases, I took time to look though all of the photos I took for the Current this year. Ultimately, I narrowed things down to a couple dozen photos that defined my year at the Current.  These moments, whether or not they made the biggest visual wows, really stood out in my mind.


The Valdons perform at the Current’s birthday party in January at First Avenue.


Walk the Moon did a special acoustic performance in our lobby while our recording studio was under renovation in January.


P.O.S performs in downtown St. Paul as part of the marriage equality celebration.


Dessa on the stage of the Fitzgerald Theater.


John Mark Nelson was the special guest for the Morning Show’s Coffee Break on the Road at the end of March.


James Blake in the Current’s studio.


Zack Hickman, bass player for Josh Ritter, in the Current studio.


This year I tried my best to put the time in to make some portraits as we had artists come through our studio. Here’s Frankie Lee after his session on the Local Show.


Rock the Garden is always a standout event of the year. After pouring rain at the start of the show, the gorgeous sunset over the stage was a treat as Metric closed out the day.


Charles Bradley came back through the Current’s studios again this year. He is a wonderfully nice person who really sings with passion. Even in soundcheck he didn’t hold anything back, singing with his whole soul.


Phantogram also returned this year to the Current and First Avenue. The show got everyone itching for the band’s next full-length release.


The National gave an incredible performance in the Current’s UBS Forum to a special group of winners.


Nicholas David, “The Feelin’,” made a few appearances at the Current this year; his first in-studios really showed why he did so well on The Voice.

As the Suburbs prepared to release their first new album in years, Chan Poling and the band visited the Current’s studios to play some tracks for us.


The Suburbs turned up the rock at our second Minnesota Music on a Stick Show at the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand.


Caroline Smith’s big change in direction with her new album this year was a really awesome surprise. The big band for the release show really showcased the power of the new album.


Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hütz posed for a portrait after the band’s in-studio session.


In many ways this was the year of Lizzo, and we finally had her into the studio on the Local Show in October, flying in just for the session on a quick break from touring with Har Mar Superstar.


Bombino brought his incredible guitar playing into the studio.


20_DSC2556Patti Smith was gracious enough to pose for a very quick portrait after an interview when she was in town for Station to Station.


Gary Clark Jr. after his UBS Forum session.


Marijuana Deathsquads because slightly more organized this year and actually performed on a stage instead of in the middle of the crowd. The polyrythmic noise is an awesome mix of performance art and music. It was great to see them open for Poliça at Mill City Nights, as Poliça was in many ways a spinoff of the MDS project.


Poliça at Mill City Nights.


The Doomtree Blowout this year opened with a slightly more intimate show at the Triple Rock. It was great to see that ages really meant included everyone from elementary school kids on up.