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Prof signs with Rhymesayers Entertainment

Courtesy Rhymesayers Entertainment

Compounding its commanding position on the local hip-hop scene, Rhymesayers Entertainment—fresh on the heels of signing young emcee Dem Atlas—announced today that it has signed Prof, the rambunctious rapper who’s built a huge local fan base since releasing his breakout LP King Gampo in 2011. In the spirit of Tom Waits, Rhymesayers announced the signing with a video of a mock press conference that plays on Prof’s image as the antithesis of the brainy, socially-conscious stereotype often applied to Minnesota hip-hop. Guest stars in the video include Atmosphere’s Slug (in a role that presumably Denzel Washington turned down) as well as Chris Cloud and Kevin Albertson of MPLSco.

Simultaneously with the announcement, Prof released a new track, “The Reply.” It’s probably a stretch to refer to this as a Christmas song, but it does contain a reference to toys and name-drops Santa Claus, so who knows, maybe this will turn up late some December night on KOOL 108.

The Rhymesayers signing solidifies Prof’s status as one of the most prominent faces in Minnesota hip-hop. Judging by SoundCloud listener comments on “The Reply” (“no way in hell! this is dope”; “Tooo damn sickk”; “RiDICKulous”), Prof fans are duly stoked. Any questions? You may direct them to the Prof himself tonight via the Rhymesayers Ustream, starting at 7 p.m. Gopher State time.