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January 6, 2014

“High Hopes”: How’s the new Bruce Springsteen album?

[Update: Since its official release, High Hopes is no longer streaming at the link below; you can hear it on Spotify and elsewhere.] The fact that Bruce Springsteen’s new album is a polished patchwork of old songs—outtakes, covers, studio recordings of songs that have been performed live, and one reworking of a cut from a studio album (“The […]

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Minnesota musicians react to the cold

It’s cold outside, as you might have noticed. Astronautalis was among the many Minnesotans who boiled water and threw it into the subzero air to watch the frighteningly pretty results. Other Minnesota musicians settled for screenshots, selfies, and wry comments. Here’s a sampling of the reactions, which we’ll be updating throughout the day. Be careful […]

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