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January 21, 2014

PaviElle captures warm ’70s soul sound on new single ‘Be Right There’

“I have been singing professionally since I was five,” PaviElle French says, laughing and sighing nonchalantly. And after hearing some of the tracks off her forthcoming solo debut, Fear Not, it should come as no surprise—with skills honed over the years in church choirs, slam poetry groups and spoken-word collectives, the 29-year-old soul singer is stepping into the spotlight with a […]

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Charlie Parr; Infinite Religions; Hey, Remember Nostalgia: This week’s Minnesota record releases

Infinite Religions: Duality The multimedia creation of artist and musician Neal Calvin Peterson, Infinite Religions’ forthcoming Duality is more than just an album. Funded by Kickstarter, Duality is part high-tech shoegaze pop, part conceptual undertaking, part sculptural experimentation, and part space travel. Intrigued? The digital album is available today, and will also be released on 99 limited-edition records […]

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