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Friday Five: Marijuana Deathsquads, Guante, and more new MN videos

It was a relatively quiet week for music happenings here in the Twin Cities—we are deep into “hunkering down” season around these parts, after all—but we still managed to get a new Lizzo song out of the deal, plus a handful of fresh music videos.

Happy Friday! And hope to see you out at one of the clubs this weekend.

Marijuana Deathsquads kill off an Ewok

Watching this video is like watching my childhood slowly wilt up, blacken around the edges, and die. But it’s also kind of cute? At least they hug at the end.

Rachel Kilgour draws a vivid portrait of America

Promising Duluth songwriter Rachel Kilgour recruits both Jake and Jeremy Hanson and Haley Bonar to help her flesh out the poignant, sarcastic “America,” which is made all the more powerful with the addition of photography by St. Paul’s Wing Young Huie.

Guante and Big Cats unpack the invisible backpack

One of the most memorable and divisive tracks on Guante and Big Cats’ 2012 album, You Better Weaponize, “The Invisible Backpacker of Privilege” calls on MCs Chantz Erolin and Rapper Hooks to help Guante lay out some uncomfortable and undeniable truths about the way white privilege functions in our hip-hop scene.

France Camp get a case of the bads

Congrats to France Camp and all of their Forged Artifacts labelmates (Prissy Clerks, Observer Drift) on their recent partnership with Frenchkiss Label Group, which should help boost the signal of the Minneapolis-based imprint. Here’s the label’s latest offering—a video for the France Camp single “The Bads.”

Elskavon take an ambient turn

Chris Bartels of Bora York quietly released a new album from his ambiant side project, Elskavon, last month. If you like what you hear in this video, stream the new Release in its entirety on Bandcamp.