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Friday Five: Polica, Astronautalis, and more new MN videos

How’s it going out there? This is kind of a trying time of year, isn’t it? I hope you are staying warm and sane as this winter puts us through one endurance test after another. To fight off the winter brainfreeze, I rounded up a handful of the best and brightest videos (sometimes literally—that sunshine in the Farewell Milwaukee video looks pretty good right now) to emerge from the Minnesota music scene.

Have a good weekend, and hope to see you out at some shows this weekend.


As they prepare to embark on a short tour of the UK, Poliça released a new video that combines their songs “I Need $” and “So Leave” from their latest, Shulamith.

Farewell Milwaukee

I’m sure Farewell Milwaukee had other things they were hoping to convey with this video, which is for the title track off their latest album Can’t Please You, Can’t Please Me, but right now I’m just super excited about the idea of running through an open field free of any mittens, hats, or layers of insulation. Remember going outside in a t-shirt?

The 4onthefloor

While we’re on the topic of down-home dudes playing roots rock, here’s the latest from the 4onthefloor, “Engine No. 4.” How’d that guy get his pickup truck to stay so clean driving down those dirt roads?

Jillian Rae

With her debut album, Heartbeat, out now, Jillian Rae shipped over her first ever music video. And it is very cute.


As a lead-up to the big Best Love is Free show at First Avenue on Saturday, February 15 (which also features k.flay, VAYNS, and Allan Kingdom), Astronautalis was filmed doing what he does best: freestyling while wearing several layers of stylish threads.