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Hear Lookbook’s “long lost” track “Don’t Believe in Love”

Lookbook perform at First Avenue in June 2010. Photos by Jay Gabler.

“Happy Friday y’all!” tweeted Maggie Morrison, the Minneapolis musician who was formerly half of the duo Lookbook. “Here is a long lost Lookbook track!”

With that, Morrison shared a link to a Soundcloud stream of “Don’t Believe in Love,” one of the new tracks that Morrison and Grant Cutler were working on when they ended their musical partnership in 2010. The song was performed live for the Current at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010, but never released as a studio track. Now, for the first time (scroll down), that studio version can be heard.

Lookbook are the Current’s artist of the month; listen throughout January for songs by Morrison and Cutler both as Lookbook and in other projects.