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You can buy (almost) everything inside the Artists’ Quarter for $50,000

Photo via the Artists' Quarter on Craigslist

It’s beginning to feel an awful lot like January 2013, when the 400 Bar hurriedly sold nearly everything inside the historic club before leaving its location once and for all. This time around the venue closing down and clearing out is the Artists’ Quarter, the downtown St. Paul jazz club whose owner announced that the end was nigh back in October. Despite a promise made by Mayor Chris Coleman that the city would swoop in and help to keep it open, the AQ did indeed go dark on New Year’s Day and is now selling off every last thing inside.

“The AQ will not return to its current location – equipment to be sold as a package,” a representative from the Artists’ Quarter posted to Twitter today. And with that, the entire bar’s contents went up for sale—including the actual bar, coolers, taps, drum kit, sound system tables, chairs, and every miscellaneous item except for the wall art—for $50,000.

The historic Yamaha C7 grand piano is also being sold separately.


Other postings on the Artists’ Quarter’s social media hint at a possible future for the club—”we may be closed for now,” they recently tweeted—but for now, all things must go. The choice to sell the entire inventory as one single package does raise an interesting question, however: Will someone purchase the insides of the AQ and set up a similar shop somewhere else in town?

Browse more photos from the AQ’s Craigslist posting here. And for more coverage on the Artists’ Quarter’s closing and legacy, see Pamela Espeland’s tremendous 24-part series, “Pleased and Flipped.”