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February 21, 2014

Is new age music making a comeback?

At SXSW, Spandau Ballet are playing their first American show in 28 years, but this year has already seen an even less likely 80s comeback. Spacey, ambient sounds are increasingly pleasing the ears of music buffs both nationally and locally, and a new historical compilation has sparked a reappraisal of the often-derided genre of new […]

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Hopkins High School Orchestra to bring sonic sweep to the Ericksons’ music

Each year Hopkins High School Orchestra hosts a Spotlight Concert featuring a special musical guest. Students are gearing up for this year’s February 21 performance alongside the Ericksons. The eight-year-old sister duo have their musical roots in Minneapolis. Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick bring a stylistic blend of soulful and rich indie-folk. Both are excited to […]

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