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Friday Five: The Sudden Lovelys, Lizzo, and more new MN music videos

The Nightingale Trio find a new stage for their harmonies

Happy Friday! It’s been another trying week for us here in Minnesota, with questionable road conditions and subzero temperatures forcing us indoors again. Before you get too stir-crazy, check out the latest batch of videos to arise in the Minnesota scene—including one band who embraced the frigid weather and turned it into something quite beautiful.

The Sudden Lovelys

Are you ready for your daily dose of adorableness? Husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Paige Ferraro travel back in time to depict their own grandparents before flashing forward to images of them singing and dancing with one another today. “Gone is Time” is the first single of the Sudden Lovelys forthcoming full-length, Brave and Alive, which is due out March 22.


Here’s something awesome: Lizzo had the opportunity to perform her new song “Paris,” which got its debut on the HBO show GIRLS and which features the line “Have you ever been to Paris at night? / Neither have I / Neither have I / Neither have I,” for an audience in Paris for the first time this week. Here’s a clip of her playing the song on MPR News’ The Daily Circuit earlier in the month:

The Nightingale Trio

When the going gets tough in Minnesota, we don’t curl up and feel sorry for ourselves. Nope. We trudge out into the frozen tundra, find an iced-over portion of a waterfall, and gather our best ladies together to harmonize inside its crystalline acoustics. Thank you, Nightingale Trio, for showing us how it’s done.

George Hadfield

Previously known for his work in USONIA, synth player George Hadfield took some time to record a collection of solo material this winter, including “Never Told a Lie”—a pure pop explosion that even tests out a little Auto-Tuned vocals toward the end.

Dwell & the shape shiP

For all the ’90s nostalgia that has been consuming music lately, this band Dwell & the shape shiP dig into a very specific genre that has yet to see much of a resurgence: the ska-fueled, poppy, spoken-sung party-rock that was popularized by groups like Soul Coughing and G. Love and the Special Sauce. I wonder how these guys feel about cold beverages?