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Web of Sunsets, the Federales, Sti-Lo Reel: This week’s Minnesota music releases

courtesy Web of Sunsets

Web of Sunsets: Room of Monsters

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Self-described as “acid country,” Twin Cities trio Web of Sunsets credit their aesthetic to the “golden hour”—the first or last hour of sunlight in a given day—and have fittingly drenched their downtempo tunes in a warm sonic breeze. It’s a formula that has already garnered early attention from major music publications, and now Web of Sunsets’ debut full-length, Room of Monsters, is out on vinyl and for download on Bandcamp. The group’s three members, Sara Bischoff (Heavy Deeds), Chris Rose (Vampire Hands), and Sara Nienaber (Gospel Gossip, Is/Is), share vocal and instrumental duties and have created a mingling of textures and sounds a la Hope Sandoval for the Instagram generation. Web of Sunsets will celebrate the release of Room of Monsters with a release show at the Turf Club on February 22, with the Cactus Blossoms, Invisible Boy, and Anonymous Choir.

The Federales: Blues, Bourbon, and Burritos

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A six-man band of seasoned Twin Cities musicians who came together over their love of country and folk in 2012, the Federales have a knack for crafting an irresistible breed of back-to-basics Americana. Gorgeous vocal harmonies dance with pedal steel, banjo, and guitar, and “Under Your Gun,” the first single off the Federales’ upcoming debut Blues, Bourbon, and Burritos, makes heartbroken lyrics sound like they’d fit right in at a summertime backyard party. The Federales’ energy waxes and wanes from tender to rowdy, but never lacks in spirit. The Federales will release Blues, Bourbon, and Burritos with a release show at Icehouse on February 21 with Reina del Cid and the Cidizens.

Sti-Lo Reel: MLK (Mortify, Live, Kill)

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=2491302612 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

Another noteworthy local rapper specializing in honesty and lyrical risk-taking, Stan “Sti-Lo Reel” Scott of Pledge Empire Records presents MLK, an exploration of life, success, and struggle. MLK, out now, features contributions by Toki Wright, Lyriq Lashay, and more; Sti-Lo Reel’s stylish rhyming and delivery carry the album to compelling effect. MLK (Mortify, Live, Kill) is available for digital download on Sti-Lo Reel’s Bandcamp page.

KT Lindemann is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Morris, pursuing studio art and Spanish. She is a native of the Twin Cities and is a wannabe musician, artist, and music writer.