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Friday Five: Howler, Stereo Confession, and more new MN videos

Howler (Publicity photo)

It’s getting to be that time of the week again. With the weekend creeping up ever so slowly on us and the snow slowly melting away outside, let’s slip on the ol’ headphones and take a break from our work to catch up on some of the latest videos to emerge out of the Minnesota music scene. We’ve earned that much, haven’t we?


With their new album, World of Joy, out this week, Howler offer up a new video for “Indictment” that offers a glimpse into the bustling underground house show scene in the Twin Cities. Standing in a basement guzzling cheap champagne out of the bottle has never looked so fun.

Stereo Confession

Speaking of Howler and their garage rock-loving friends, this new song from Stereo Confession sounds like it would fit nicely on a mixtape alongside the Rough Trade phenoms and Forged Artifacts bands like France Camp, Nice Purse, and Prissy Clerks. The kids are alright…

Nathan Eliot

New songwriter Nathan Eliot weaves a winding melody over a mandolin while contemplating singularity and the depth of the universe on his single “Brain Break.” For some reason, this song brought me back to the deceptive simplicity of Aby Wolf’s debut album, Sweet Prudence; Eliot certainly has the potential to establish himself as a promising new voice among the sea of talented singer-songwriters in the Twin Cities. His debut album, Universe in Me, is due out March 28, and he’ll play a release show that night at the Aster Cafe.

Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners

Inspired by the lyrics of Trampled by Turtles’ “Alone,” songwriter Dan Hylton penned a new lullaby that responds to the song, especially the line “You come into this world alone.”

“When I first heard ‘Alone,’ I thought, ‘wait – I’m not willing to concede that,'” Hylton writes. “I have two young daughters, and they did NOT come into this world alone. They’re certainly not alone now. And I believe that the far distant future when I’m no longer around, they will have built loving relationships such that they will not be alone at the end of their days.”

The resulting song is a sweet and heartfelt ode to his daughters, who also appear in the video as his backing band.


I didn’t intend for the Friday Five to be so Americana-heavy today, but here we have it. This new video for Portage’s song “Columns,” shot by band member and filmmaker Trent Waterman (who also shoots the North Shore Sessions series), offers a breathtaking complement to their harmony-heavy, ghostly folk music.