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P.O.S. kidney transplant: Success!

P.O.S. and donor Mark Potter. Photos via Doomtree.

“I feel like a new dude,” P.O.S. told his Doomtree crewmate Lazerbeak after recently receiving a long-awaited kidney transplant. As Lazerbeak reports on Doomtree’s website, the MC “seriously looks great.” Also, happily, recovering well is donor Mark Potter, who is already out of the hospital.

“We’ve known Mark forever (actually went to high school with the guy years back),” writes Lazerbeak, “and I do not know how to thank him enough for all that he’s been able to do for Stef [P.O.S.].” Lazerbeak reports that P.O.S. is expected to be heading home in just a day or two, and we’re looking forward to welcoming him back to his weekly show on the Current as soon as he’s ready to rock again.

Read more about how the transplant was crowdfunded, and read P.O.S.’s long 2013 conversation with Andrea Swensson on the American health care system.

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