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Friday Five: Black Diet, Spooky Black, and more new MN music videos

Black Diet (Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR)

Keeping things short and sweet today. Here’s a handful of the freshest Minnesota-made videos to catch my attention this week:

Spooky Black

Who is Spooky Black, you ask? Right now, all I know is that he is a teenager from St. Paul, he has the voice of someone at least 15 years his age, and his video is delightfully odd. I’ll get back to you as soon as I find out more.

Black Diet

The winners of Vita.mn’s “Are You Local?” competition are getting ready to drop their debut full-length, Find Your Tambourine, on April 19.

Ashley DuBose

Filmmaker Adam J. Dunn returned with yet another season of his expansive “Lights and a Backdrop” video series last week, and it’s well worth the time to check out the whole playlist here. One of my favorites features R&B singer Ashley DuBose (whom I interviewed back in 2012) performing a song off her solo debut Somethin’ More.

Sean Anonymous, Phillip Morris and DJ Name

One of the best songs performed at Sean Anonymous’s big headlining gig at First Avenue in January was this collaboration with Phillip Morris, and now the song has a slick Dan Huiting-directed music video thanks to an ongoing series sponsored by PBR and Hymie’s Vintage Records.

Rocky Diamonds

Haven’t heard of Rocky Diamonds yet? You will soon. The young North Minneapolis rapper just inked a deal with Epic Records and his latest release, The Marckus Shaw EP, is selling like hotcakes. (Heads up: explicit content.)