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The Rembrandts will be there for you as Friends celebrates its 20th anniversary

With the 20th anniversary of the show Friends coming up later this year (Rachel left her groom at the altar and first stormed into Central Perk on September 22, 1994), Minneapolis-based group the Rembrandts have announced that they will perform the hit theme song “I’ll Be There for You” on The Today Show this Friday, with “an announcement” regarding the band forthcoming.

The news came courtesy of Phil Solem, who posted an update today on his Facebook page:

Attention Rembrandts fans, future Rembrandts fans, and fans of television’s big giant hit show Friends… it’s about to be FRIENDS’ 20th anniversary, and to celebrate the occasion, we Rembrandts will be appearing on the Today Show on Friday morning, freshly awake from our sleepy slumber, and joined by our friends Ryan Smith and Ron Caron of the Melismatics, backing us as our rhythm section. Please tune in, and gather all your loved ones, including various animalia, food and beverages, for what will surely be a madcap adventure down musical memory lane. We will be watching you watching us, and we can hear everything you say, so pipe down during the song, will ya?

Solem and bandmate Danny Wilde were already veterans of the music industry when they formed the Rembrandts in 1989, and they quickly scored early-’90s wins like getting signed to a major label (Atlantic) and having their music placed in a Jim Carrey film (“Rollin’ Down the Hill,” which appeared on the soundtrack to Dumb and Dumber). But nothing compared to the runaway success of their song “I’ll Be There For You,” which was originally penned specifically for the Friends opening but later had to be turned into a full-fledged pop song to meet the demand of fans.

The success of “I’ll Be There For You” helped the Rembrandts sell over a million copies of their third album, LP, and continued to haunt the band well into the next decade as they wrote new songs and released new music. With a backing band assembled for their Today Show appearance (including members of the Melismatics, whom Solem has performed with in the past), one wonders whether the Rembrandts might have a new album on the way.

For now, here’s a throwback to 1994 to get you in the mood for Friday’s nostalgia-fest: