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Friday Five: BNLX in the studio, Votel in a model train shop, and more new MN videos

Votel (Publicity photo by Graham Tolbert)

Happy Friday! Give yourself a break, slip on the ol’ headphones, and catch up on the latest music videos to emerge from the Minnesota scene:


The electro-pop band Votel (which features Maggie Morrison on lead vocals with support from Adam Marx, Ben Clark, Drew Christopherson, and Mark McGee) very casually released their new album by streaming the whole thing on YouTube. The visuals for the 34-minute-long video were not actually created for the album stream, but the little train chugging through the Hennepin Overland Railway Historical Society somehow makes sense, anyway.

Little Man

SPEAKING OF TRAINS (it’s rare that the Friday Five has such smooth transitions), just a week after Haley Bonar appeared on the Choo Choo Bob Show, Chris Perricelli and his band Little Man stopped by the show to perform “A Chuga Choo Choo.” And it’s somehow even cuter than Haley’s bit.


Any video that starts with Ashley Ackerson playing with her adorable little pup, Wiggy, is all right by me. BNLX perform three different songs in this video—”Vibrant,” “Opposites Attract,” and “1929”—for the ongoing Spaces series.

Frankie Teardrop

There is indeed some gold bling in the latest video from Frankie Teardrop, “Bling Item.” The band is about to hit the road for a tour of the East Coast.

Savannah Smith

I kind of like that there is crowd chatter and the sound of cans being cracked open in this video; it shows just how cleanly Savannah’s voice can cut through the din and connect with listeners. Find more of Brad Peterson’s homemade videos—including a mini-documentary on the Mad Ripple Hootenanny—on his YouTube channel.