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Friday Five: Har Mar Superstar, Mayda, Fort Wilson Riot, Wilkinson James, Haley Bonar

Every Friday we pick five great new local videos to share with you, and this week we have a bumper crop. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll drop it low.

Har Mar Superstar: “Restless Leg”

The fact that Har Mar Superstar‘s new video for “Restless Leg” debuted on Funny or Die might have been a hint that this vid wouldn’t just be a straightforward performance clip. It’s about a performance, all right—the kind that we need to warn you about if you’re sitting at work right now, though there’s more felt than flesh on display in this hybrid of Avenue Q and The Twilight Zone. (Aptly—or ironically, or disastrously, or [choose your adverb]—ads for the new Jesus Christ Superstar production are occasionally appearing before this video for local viewers.)

Mayda: “All That I Have”

The funky and versatile Mayda looks fierce as always in Maranatha Wilson’s video for her new single “All That I Have.” You’ll want this video to go with the beats when you drop this jam at your Memorial Day post-BBQ living room rave. The full album, Busy Signals Part 1, will be released on Tuesday with a corresponding show on May 31 at the soon-to-be-(temporarily)-closed Turf Club.

Fort Wilson Riot: “Something Left Alive”

Minneapolis’s Sound Gallery provides the charming setting for this unplugged rendition of “Something Left Alive.” We’ve been loving Fort Wilson Riot‘s new album trilliun, which the duo are celebrating Saturday night with a release show at the Triple Rock.

Wilkinson James: “Hank Williams Cadillac Blues”

Wilkinson James are a Minneapolis country-folk band whose debut album Love and Justice—produced by Ben Kyle of Romantica—is slated for release later this year. This video provides a warm introduction to their evocative sound.

Haley Bonar: “Last War” (live on the Current)

We’ve been waiting a long time for Haley Bonar‘s stellar new album Last War, so we were glad she could take some time to stop by our studios to play some songs from the album and share a candid conversation with Mary Lucia. Our videographer extraordinaire Nate Ryan has just finished this video; hear the entire session here.