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Mayda, Dichotomy, the Falderals, the Poor Nobodys: Minnesota record releases this week

Photo courtesy Mayda

Mayda: Busy Signals Part 1

As a pre-teen, Mayda confined herself to a cabin in northern Minnesota and taught herself how to play songs by Nirvana and the Beatles. Rather than the soft woodsy indie rock of fellow cabin-dwellers Bon Iver, however, Mayda developed a ferocious, urban, and multidimensional sound that packs punch after punch. Her newest release, Busy Signals Part 1, out today, is a collaboration with DJ Chris Neviator and features seven tracks, on which Neviator and Mayda prove themselves to be sonic chameleons. “All I Have” is a club-ready romantic battle cry, while the classic rock riffs on “Nightingale” sing with the swagger of Jimi Hendrix. Mayda will celebrate the release of Busy Signals Part 1 with a release show at the Turf Club, Saturday, May 31, with performances by DJ Neviator, Hiponymous Dance, and Mixed Blood Majority. The night will also be hosted by Toki Wright.

The Falderals: Witness

[bandcamp width=100% height=120 album=1801382903 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=0687f5 tracklist=false artwork=small]

 Self-described as “new folk for old souls,” the Falderals perform no-nonsense, melody-focused Americana with gorgeously layered instrumentals and vocal harmonies. The group is led by Andrew Andestic and Rebecca Andestic—whose husky alto is often reminiscent of early Lucinda Williams—and features the Current’s own Jim McGuinn on lap steel. Witness, their second full-length release, out May 30, is a heartfelt collection of tunes that range from sunny to melancholy, always with passion and careful craft. The Falderals will release Witness with a release show at Aster Cafe, Friday, May 30. The $10 cover charge includes a complimentary CD.

Dichotomy: Subterranean

The sophomore release from electronic power trio Dichotomy, Subterranean, out May 31, combines big guitars, violin, synth, and generous effects to create a gritty, cosmic sound. The record’s leading single and title track opens with deliberate, percussive drones and waves of heavy beats before building to an explosive breakdown with call-and-response vocals and hard rocking riffs. Dichotomy will release Subterranean with a release show at Cause Spirits and Soundbar on Saturday, May 31, with performances by Ceewhy and Gorilla Panic, Audiyo Element, and DJ Sosupreme.

The Poor Nobodys: Ink No Ink

With seven multi-talented members inhabiting genre-defying meter and composition, the Poor Nobodys’ sound is organized chaos at its finest. Specializing mostly in acoustic instrumental tracks, the band layers mandolin and strings over upright bass and keys, occasionally throwing in funk keys and electric guitar. They craft a timeless sound that could fit right in soundtracking everything from a speakeasy to a crowded pub of sailors. The Poor Nobodys’ third album, Ink No Ink, is set for release on May 31. The band is currently touring through Europe, but will be back in the Twin Cities this Saturday for a release show at the Cedar Cultural Center, with performances by Anonymous Choir and the Murder of Crows.

KT Lindemann is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Morris, pursuing studio art and Spanish. She is a native of the Twin Cities and is a wannabe musician, artist, and music writer.