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Muja Messiah, Warehouse Eyes, Astronomique, Kougar, Ryan Traster: Minnesota record releases this week

Photo by Adam Syanzek, courtesy Muja Messiah

Warehouse Eyes: Carvings

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Warehouse Eyes, an emerging five-piece dream pop group, create their unique sound by referencing elements of synth pop, slowcore, and indie rock, both at its sleepiest and most epic. Their debut EP, Carvings, is set for release this Friday, May 23, and the lead single “Tokyo” makes a great first impression. Vocalist Jennie Lahlum’s soprano lilt echoes over delicate keys as the song builds to a climactic chorus, where the guitars kick in with a gigantic riff. Warehouse Eyes will release Carvings at a release show Friday, May 23 at the Turf Club, with performances by Sun Gods to Gamma Rays and Grand Courriers, and a DJ set by Aaron and the Sea.

Astronomique: Burning Stars Fade

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A self-described “Space Wave” act with points of reference coming from France, the future, and fine art, Astronomique present Burning Stars Fade, an interstellar six-song EP, out today. Astronomique is fronted by Renaissance woman Logan Andra Fongemie, whose Space-age-a-la-1960s drawings partly inspired the record, and whose vocal range is stretched to the cosmos over hooky, celestial pop-rock. Burning Stars Fade is an impressive introduction to Astronomique that sounds a bit like Ladytron meets dreamy psychedelia meets Carl Sagan. Astronomique will celebrate the release of Burning Stars Fade with a release show at Cause Spirits and Soundbar, Friday, May 23, with performances by Bollywood and Dan Mariska and the Boys Choir, and a DJ set by sloslylove.

Kougar: Cold Room

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Smooth, Jangly, and psychedelic, Kougar’s debut EP, out now, combines ambient vocal harmonies, crunchy bass, and guitar riffs that are clean and phased-out as often as they are gritty and assertive. Featuring members of The Further Adjustments, Almitra, William Within, and Electric Children, Kougar has been described as a “Frankenstein” project, but, thanks to the group’s top-notch synergy and prowess, the pieces fit together just right. Rather than monstrous, Cold Room is an icy cool, beachy effort from this band of sonic scientists. Kougar will release Cold Room with a release show at the Turf Club, Thursday, May 22nd, with special guests Naptaker and El Greco Explosive.

Muja Messiah: God Kissed It The Devil Missed It

Local MC Muja Messiah has a unique lyrical style that combines satire, comedy, and political venom, all delivered with flow and ease. On “King Joffrey,” off his latest full-length God Kissed It The Devil Missed It, out now, Messiah name-drops Minneapolis suburbs and the hated Game of Thrones monarch in what sounds like a manifesto against economic and social inequality. God Kissed It The Devil Missed It mixes quirk with plenty of substance and stands as an impressive addition to this rapper’s impressive collection of projects. Muja Messiah will release God Kissed It The Devil Missed It with a release show at the 7th Street Entry on Friday, May 23, featuring Mike the Martyr, Metasota, Grip, Nazeem, and special guests Simone Steppa Dujour and DJ Turtleneck.

Ryan Traster: Get Easy

A Minneapolis native now transplanted to Portland, singer-songwriter Ryan Traster has spent his music career collaborating and recording with a diverse group of notable musicians–including local Americana favorites The Jayhawks–and developing and impressive resume of licensing deals for his catchy, classic folk-rock tunes. Appropriately titled, given Traster’s easy, breezy sound, his newest release, Get Easy, is set for release on Wednesday, May 21. Traster told Vita.mn that the album is inspired by “three years of complete debauchery” and pushing the self to depravity. Traster will release Get Easy with a release show at the 7th Street Entry on Wednesday, May 21, with performances by Moonmaster and Julia Read.

KT Lindemann is a senior at the University of Minnesota, Morris, pursuing studio art and Spanish. She is a native of the Twin Cities and is a wannabe musician, artist, and music writer.