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Current Music Blog®: Cause Spirits and Soundbar announces plans to close

The Current's Jim McGuinn (far left) sings with BNLX's Ashley Ackerson, David Jarnstrom, and Ed Ackerson at Cause in November 2013. Photo by Mike Minehart.

Update 7/9: Vita.mn reports that the space currently occupied by Cause will become the Iron Door Pub, expected to open on or near September 1. The new owners “plan to knock out the wall separating the bar and venue side, add plenty of TVs and bump up tap beer offerings from six to 24.”

Cause Spirits and Soundbar has announced plans to close after its fifth anniversary show on July 12. Booking manager Noah Paster announced the news in an e-mail sent to members of the press and the music industry. The e-mail reads,

“It deeply saddens me to announce that Cause Spirits & Soundbar will be closing on July 13th. The last show will be our 5 year closing out party on July 12th. If you had a show booked after the 12th, we regret to inform you that the show won’t be happening. We certainly wish we had more answers for you but unfortunately we are being shown the exit after five tremendous years.

“The shows booked before July 12th will remain the same and we will have standard business hours. Thank you to everyone who’s made this job such a great experience for me these last few years. Cause was my home, my family, and I was happy to help organize the music programming.”

Since the closure of the Uptown Bar, Cause has been the hub of the live music scene in Uptown. No further information was immediately available regarding what business might be taking the venue’s place.