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Ten epic hats of Rock the Garden 2014

It’s a sunny day at Rock the Garden, and people are protecting their heads in style.

“I like tie-dye. I’m kind of a hippie.”

Hat 01

“I bought this in an airport during my travels with American Public Media.”

Hat 02

“I knew I’d need a good sunhat today. I wasn’t sure if I was pulling this off—but I guess I am!”

Hat 03

He: “I bought this at an Irish fair. I figured it would be a good day to wear it; it’s wool, but it breathes.” She: “I bought this hat at Urban Outfitters in Uptown four years ago to wear to Rock the Garden, and I’ve worn it to Rock the Garden every year since.”

Hat 04

“I bought this on a vacation to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands last December. It was hot, and I was unprepared.”

Hat 05a

“I’m an alum of Notre Dame. I bought this at a gas station before a game.”

Hat 06

“It’s my birthday!”

Hat 07

“I went sailing this morning. I’m already sunburned.”

Hat 08

“It’s a biking hat.” (Friend: “It’s not that special. I’ve got one too.”)

Hat 09

“It’s a Penny Hardaway Nike hat. He was an old-school Orlando Magic player, so it’s got some classic mid-90s symbols on it.”

Hat 10