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What songs are you hoping to hear at Rock the Garden 2014?

Valerie June performs in the Current's studios. Photo by Nate Ryan/MPR.

I’ll admit it, I’m spoiled.

In 2011, when we announced the Rock the Garden line-up, Tapes ‘n Tapes played a brief, live set here at the Current. After the announcement , I asked vocalist Josh Grier if they ever played “In Houston” during their live sets, as I’d never been to a show where they played it. He joked that they’d add it to their Rock the Garden setlist. Imagine my surprise when I hear them call me out from the stage that they were about to play my request! I was a bit shocked and ever so grateful to finally hear them play my favorite track of theirs!

As this year’s Rock the Garden keeps getting closer and closer, I keep hearing myself say “Man, I hope they play that at Rock the Garden.” I imagine you’re thinking the same thing. I wonder what it would look like if we collectively chose an artist’s setlist. Most RTG artists will spend an average of 45 minutes on stage, so we can’t just suggest that Dessa play her entire catalog, as there’s simply not enough time.

Here’s mine…


Lizzo: “Batches & Cookies” and “Paris,” and a special hope that a couple of her pals will jump on stage for GRRRL PRTY’s “Wegula.”

Jeremy Messersmith: “Dillinger Eyes,” “Miracles,” and “Hitman.”

Best Coast: “Boyfriend” and “Why I Cry.”

Matt and Kim: “Ready? OK,” “Cameras,” and “Let’s Go.”

De la Soul: “A Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays,” “Me, Myself and I,” and “Squat.”


Valerie June: “You Can’t Be Told” and “Pushin’ Against a Stone.”

Kurt Vile & the Violators: “Jesus Fever,” “Wakin’ On A Pretty Day,” and “Never Run Away.”

Dessa: I would like to see “Mineshaft” and “Mineshaft 2” flow seamlessly from one to the next. I celebrate this artist’s entire catalog and will thrill at each selection, guaranteed!

Guided By Voices: “Cut-out Witch,” “I am a Scientist” and “I Am A Tree,” “Useless Inventions,” and “My Valuable Hunting Knife.”

Spoon: “Car Radio,” “Everything Hits At Once,” “All The Pretty Girls Go To The City,” and “I Turn My Camera on.”

Now…what songs would you like to see/hear performed at Rock the Garden this year?

  • My wish list:

    1. Spoon: “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb”
    2. Matt & Kim: “Lessons Learned”
    3. Best Coast: “I Want To”
    4. GBV: “Game of Pricks”

  • adam

    Anyone to do “Do You Know How To Waltz?”

  • Evan Furniss

    So many things:
    1. Lizzo: honestly something thing GRRRL PRTY or faded. And maybe Macaulay Culkin can hop on stage for that too…? And Mike Mictlan to hop on stage for “give it to mikey”.
    2. Jeremy Messersmith: I would absolutely LOVE to see anything from paper moon… I’m a little doubtful and it wouldn’t be the right atmosphere… But other than that someone someday and light rail.
    3. Spoon: (and this is a long shot) I want them to do No You’re Not. I will be happy if they play anything though.

  • Bull Pucky

    The only Dessa songs I actually know are “Warsaw” and “Skeleton Key,” so I hope those get played…same kinda goes for Spoon.

    Now GBV, there are dozens of songs I’d like to hear them play (but they won’t), chief among them “Billy Wire”, “Big School”, “Matter Eater Lad”, and of course “Bad Love is Easy to Do.” Counting on hearing mostly new songs with a few classic hits thrown in.