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What’s the story of your Rock the Garden blanket?

People are relaxing in the sun at Rock the Garden and lying on blankets from—it turns out—all over the world! We asked a few people to tell us about their Rock the Garden blankets.

“A friend made this blanket for me back in high school.”

Blanket 01

“This blanket is from Mexico. It was a gift from friends.”

Blanket 02

“Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

Blanket 03

“Gustavus! I went there.”

Blanket 04

“This is my grandmother’s blanket, from northern Minnesota.”

Blanket 05

“My fiancée picked this up at a felt store.”

Blanket 06

“I got this towel in Hawaii, a long time ago.”

Blanket 07

“I made this quilt.”

Blanket 08

“I found this in the picnic section at Target. I heeded the Morning Show’s advice to bring a waterproof blanket.”

Blanket 09

“I searched all over Israel for this blanket. I knew exactly what I wanted, and finally I found it.”

Blanket 10