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Who’s your Rock the Garden buddy?

People like to buddy up at Rock the Garden. We asked a few pairs of concert-goers what brought them together today.

Sienna and Cailyn

“We’re twins.”

Alan and Caroline

“We’re newly married.”

Ellen and Lindsay

“We were randomly assigned to be roommates at Carleton. We ended up living together for four years. We graduated last year, and now we live near each other in Uptown.”

Dan and Bob

“He’s my dad.”

Lucie and Tina

“We went to law school together at William Mitchell.”

Mike and Barbara

“We grew up together in Ames, Iowa. She still lives in Ames, and I live in Bemidji, so today we met in the middle.”

Erin and Ellen

“We’re sisters!”

Julia and Julianna

“We went to middle school together.”

Patrick and Darren

“We’ve been partners for over two years.”

Mandrell and Joe

“We work together, and we’re also good friends.”