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Friday Five: Allan Kingdom, Bob Mould and more new Minnesota music videos

Bob Mould recently performed on Wits (MPR Photo)

We’ve been up to our eyeballs in new music videos this week, with both Father You See Queen and Tiny Deaths premiering new videos (coincidentally, for two different songs titled “Ocean”) and Noisey dropping a 9-minute little documentary about the Minnesota music scene. You’d think we’d be light on videos for the Friday Five this week… but things never really slow down here in the Twin Cities, do they?

Allan Kingdom

With his new EP (actually a 12-track album), Future Memoirs, out last week, Allan Kingdom released a video for the album’s opening track, “Souls.” Catch him at 10,000 Sounds on July 26 when he opens for Poliça.

Bob Mould

Have you ever wondered what Hüsker Dü’s “Hardly Getting Over It” (which, by the by, is one of the only songs that Bob Mould and Grant Hart have performed together in the last decade) would sound like with an alt-country treatment?


If you haven’t made it down to Icehouse to check out PaviElle’s monthly residency, what are you doing with your life? What am I doing with my life? Why aren’t we all going to see her all the time? Let’s remedy this oversight by going to her gig on July 16 with Alderman Tolliver (a.k.a. Jonathan Tolliver of Black Diet).

Pill Hill

Pardon the low sound quality, but I just had to share this new live video from Pill Hill—which now includes rock scene vets Heath Henjum, Jacques Wait, Ben Glaros, and Judd Hildresth behind lead singer Dan Fowlds—ahead of their show tonight at Amsterdam. The song, “Butterscotch House,” will appear on their upcoming album It Tastes a Little Sweeter.


With a new album, See the Forest, See the Trees, out on Tuesday, July 15, Minneapolis artist Kazyak sent over this new video for the song “Disposition.” Given how hot it’s been lately, there’s something surreal about seeing a man shiver next to a cold Minnesota lake in the wintertime—consider it a little audio/visual air conditioning.