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Friday Five: deM atlaS, Alpha Consumer, Paul Spring, Trampled By Turtles, and the Cactus Blossoms

Every Friday, we pick five must-see new Minnesota music videos to showcase. This week, deM atlaS kicks a football (metaphorically), Alpha Consumer get trippy, Paul Spring snuggles up, TBT talk economics with David Letterman, and the Cactus Blossoms raise the roof.

Dem Atlas, “Lucille”

According to superstition, Dem Atlas should be facing seven years of bad luck for smashing a mirror in the video for “Lucille”—but the rational-minded will agree that’s unlikely. The rising star is about to head out on tour with Atmosphere and Prof, and…look at all those empty parking spots in front of his place! (Heads up: there’s some NSFW language.)

Alpha Consumer, “Miss Positron”

This cut from Alpha Consumer‘s new LP Meat gets a retro treatment from director Matt Bardins—a.k.a. VSNQST, the FreakyDeeky-trained VJ known for providing trippy visuals to accompany live shows—complete with classic MTV-style titles. Hear the trio perform this and two other songs live in the Current’s studios.

Paul Spring, “Conversation of Mass”

In this new clip for a track from last year’s State of the Unionsinger-songwriter Paul Spring gets all Eternal Sunshine on the streets of St. Cloud with a bae who could have stepped straight out of an Adam Turman poster.

Trampled By Turtles, “Are You Behind the Shining Star?” (live on Letterman)

An amusingly jovial Alan Sparhawk is tucked behind the Duluth sextet, tapping a tambourine as TBT play the first single from their acclaimed new album Wild Animals for David Letterman’s studio audience. When the band finish their song, Letterman amiably chats about the demise of the steel industry before helping fiddler Ryan Young scratch an itch.

The Cactus Blossoms, live on the roof of the Turf Club

With the Turf Club closed for renovations, the Cactus Blossoms play their favorite venue the only way they can: by standing on the roof. These renditions of “A Sad Day to Be You” and “Change Your Ways Or Die (The Buffalo Song)” are lovely, but wouldn’t this have been the perfect time to bust out with that “Get Back” cover?