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July 28 show booked for “400 Gallery” at Mall of America: Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden

courtesy Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden

Nashville indie band Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden have announced a July 28 show at the Mall of America’s new incarnation of the 400 Bar, which is now identified on TicketFly as the “400 Gallery.” The announcement indicates that the new venue will open four days earlier than previously expected; tickets are now on sale for both the Tucker show and the previously announced Denny Laine show on August 1. TicketFly indicates that admission to the Kate Tucker show will also include admission to the Beatles exhibit now on display at the adjoining Midwest Music Museum.

Update 7/23/14: The Star Tribune reports that “the 400 Gallery” is a room inside the Midwest Music Museum; both the Kate Tucker and the Denny Laine shows will take place there. The capacity of the “listening room” is 100, and alcohol will not be served there. (Upside: that makes it an all-ages venue.) The opening of the new music and food/drink venues has been delayed indefinitely.