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Noisey interviews Tommy Stinson, Craig Finn, Bob Mould, Lori Barbero and Lizzo for ‘Made in Minnesota’

Set aside nine minutes of your day today to watch “Made in Minnesota,” a mini-documentary on the Minnesota music scene by Vice’s music channel Noisey.

As opposed to the MTV feature on Minneapolis that came out last year, which focused on what’s happening here and now, the Noisey doc offers a more historical look by talking to some of the most influential musicians that emerged from our rock scene 30 years ago.

“Go buy everything from 1984 out of Minneapolis and you’ll get a good idea what was happening,” the Replacements’ Tommy Stinson instructs viewers, while Bob Mould offers his own analysis of what made the scene so unique in the ’80s: “The Twin Cities, and Minneapolis in particular, was I think comparable to Detroit in the ’60s, where you had North Side music like Prince, Terry [Lewis] and Jimmy [Jam Harris], South Side, Hüskers and Replacements; it wasn’t just punk rock or Twin/Tone, and it wasn’t just Paisley Park or Prince,” Mould says.

Mould takes Noisey to the site of the old Northern Lights record store on University Avenue, which is now a beauty salon, then heads next door to browse through vinyl at what has since become the hip-hop, soul, gospel, and R&B record store Urban Lights, bumping into Craig Finn along the way.

Other landmarks that show up in the short film include Tommy Stinson’s old house, where the cover to Let It Be was photographed; Bob Stinson’s memorial bench; the wall of stars outside First Avenue; and Lizzo’s favorite summer hangout, Hidden Beach.