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Photos: Target Field gets ready for Paul McCartney

The view from behind home plate. Photos by Jay Gabler/MPR.

Getting Target Field ready for Paul McCartney’s Saturday concert has been a multi-day process—building a giant stage in the outfield is just one of many steps being taken to welcome thousands of music fans to the home field of the Minnesota Twins. This morning, I was able to visit the field to take a look at the elaborate setup.

What are Paul McCartney’s best songs? Click here to send us your picks, and before the concert on Saturday, Mac Wilson will play a set of everyone’s favorites!

  • D W

    This has got me excited beyond words!
    9 years since the last local show so it’s been a long time comin’.
    Section D,Row 8 for me :)

  • Rusti

    I am not going but my baby sister is…she was born in 1961, and she is going with her son, his wife and a good friend…OMG…my parents were so against my older sister and I seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964! I do wonder what my parents, who now reside in Heaven, think about Tami seeing Paul McCartney live at Target Field!! Lots of water has passed under bridges, starting with the Vietnam War and then so many changes came to the USA – those of us those born in the 50’s, and after have simply lived in an amazing and fast paced world! Thank you Sir Paul McCartney and all the Beatles, for happening in our lifetime and showing us all that life after our 20’s can be so delightful and fulfilling! The ride has been and continues to be so good – YAHOO!! Rusti