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Reunited Micranots headlining For the Love, new Lowertown hip-hop festival

courtesy Micranots

For the Love, a new festival featuring a lineup stacked with local hip-hop acts—featuring the reunited Micranots as its headliner—will take over St. Paul’s Lowertown neighborhood this weekend. Presented by ACEntertainment, the fest will run from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Saturday, July 12.

The festival will mark the Micranots’ second show in ten years; I Self Devine and DJ Kool Akiem were last seen together just over a year ago at the 7th Street Entry. The pioneering Twin Cities act’s 2000 album Obelisk Movements—a seminal testament of the burgeoning underground hip-hop scene in Minnesota—was reissued on Rhymesayers last year.

The event will include two stages: one at Bedlam Lowertown and one on the North Plaza at Union Depot. Both stages will be all-ages from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. After 9 p.m., the festival will condense to just the Bedlam stage, and the remainder of the event will be 18+. The Micranots performance (8:00 p.m.) will conclude the Union Depot sets.

The East Plaza at Union Depot will also feature “hour-long DJ sets, b-boying and b-girling, a live graffiti wall, and a number of artists selling their wares.” In addition, the festival will host a spoken word event at the nearby Black Dog Café from 2:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Subtitled “A Community Celebration,” For the Love aims both to celebrate Lowertown—its cultural diversity, food, businesses, the newly opened Green Line and Bedlam Lowertown—and to bring Minneapolis hip-hop to St. Paul as well as showcasing St. Paul hip-hop.

The festival is free and open to the public. Free rides to the event will be available through Metro Transit. Below is the festival’s complete lineup.

Union Depot stage

2:40-3:00: Why Khaliq
3:20-3:40: Skool Boy Ent
4:00-4:20: BDotCroc
4:40-5:00: Kaleem
5:20-5:40: Jordan Looney
6:00-6:20: Sarah White
6:40-7:00: Glo Pesci
7:20-7:40: Desdamona
8:00-9:00: Micranots

Union Depot North Plaza DJs

2:00-3:00: B-Rock
3:00-4:00: Versed Radio
4:00-5:00: King Otto
5:00-6:00: DJ Huh? What??
6:00-7:00: DJ Willie Shu
7:00-8:00: DJ B-Rock
8:00-9:00: DJ Kool Akiem

Union Depot East Plaza Stage (DJs only)

2:00-3:00: DJ Nimo the Hooligan
3:00-4:00: DJ Just Nine
4:00-5:00: MC Harv
5:00-6:00: Espada
6:00-7:00: King Otto
7:00-8:00: DJ Nimo the Hooligan

Black Dog Café

2:00: Music by DJshelie and sign-up for open mic
2:30: Jess the Poet
3:00: Joe Adams
3:20: Hamline slam team
3:40: Guante
4:00: Keno Evol
4:20: Donte Collins
4:40: Open mic
5:00: Adversity
5:20: Radio Ali
5:40: Open mic
6:00: Khary “6 is 9” Jackson
6:20: Kortland “K.O.” Jackson
6:40: Lyeriq Lashay

Bedlam Lowertown

2:20-2:40: Company Costume
3:00-3:20: Erok Foret
3:40-4:00: Rich Garvey
4:20-4:40: MC Longshot
5:00-5:20: Lioness
5:40-6:00: Remo Williamz
6:20-6:40: Cherry Sky
7:00-7:20: Illuminous 3
7:40-8:00: Up Rock
9:00-9:20: Mayda
9:25-9:45: Aquafresh
9:50-10:10: Solly & Veins
10:15-10:35: Sweetz P
10:40-11:00: Crunchy Kids
11:05-11:25: Beasly
11:30-11:50: Metasota
12:00-1:00: Guardians of Balance (Mastermind and St. Paul Slim)

Bedlam DJs

2:00-3:00: DJ Frank Castle
3:00-4:00: DJ Huh? What??
4:00-5:00: DJ Willie Shu
5:00-6:00: DJ Nimo the Hooligan
6:00-7:00: MC Harv
7:00-8:00: DJ Frank Castle
8:00-9:00: DJ Simone Du Jour
9:00-10:00: Espada
10:00-11:00: DJ Simone Du Jour
11:00-12:00: DJ Just Nine
12:00-1:00: [artist performance period]
1:00-2:00: DJ Frank Castle

Austin Gerth is a member of the class of 2016 at Concordia College. He also writes for Concordia’s student blog, The COBBlog; and Concordia’s student newspaper, The Concordian.