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Today’s Music News: Cause changes, Cabooze celebrates, Vice comes to Minneapolis, and more

The Current's Jim McGuinn (far left) sings with BNLX's Ashley Ackerson, David Jarnstrom, and Ed Ackerson at Cause in November 2013. Photo by Mike Minehart.

When Cause Spirits & Soundbar suddenly announced, last month, plans to close after their fifth anniversary show this Saturday, it was unclear what would take its place. We now know: Vita.mn reports that the space will become a sports bar called the Iron Door Pub. The new owners “plan to knock out the wall separating the bar and venue side, add plenty of TVs and bump up tap beer offerings from six to 24.” (Local Current)

The Cabooze, meanwhile, is still chugging along after 40 years—and is celebrating its birthday with a series of shows starting this weekend and running until the end of the year. Fun fact: the first group to play the Cabooze, in 1974, was a combination rock-and-roll band and circus troupe. (Local Current)

Vice’s music site Noisey published a video about the Minneapolis music scene, featuring interviews with Bob Mould, Tommy Stinson, Lori Barbero, Craig Finn, and Lizzo. Highlights include Mould’s visit to Hüsker Dü’s old practice space, where he explains the band to the hairdressers who now work there (“Remember The Mary Tyler Moore Show? We used to do a version of that song”); and Finn making a pilgrimage to the Bob Stinson memorial bench (between Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun). (Local Current)

Wednesday was a good day for everyone who likes seeing the Boss bathing shirtless and riding a horse (you know who you are): Bruce Springsteen, once reluctant to enter the MTV era, released an epic ten-minute music video (or, as he puts it, “short film”) he co-directed with Thom Zimney. Springsteen composed several minutes of new instrumental music for the video, a post-apocalyptic setting of the High Hopes track “Hunter of Invisible Game.” (Billboard)

Weezer have announced the release date for their new album Everything Will Be Alright in the End: the band’s ninth studio album will come out on September 30. Here’s a preview:

Ringo Starr, celebrating his 74th birthday, announced his new career as a male model. Ringo’s participation in a John Varvatos campaign is a charity gig for the David Lynch Foundation, which Lynch founded “to ensure that every child anywhere in the world who wanted to learn to meditate could do so.” (American Songwriter)

Audio was leaked of Britney Spears singing her 2013 song “Alien” without her vocal being AutoTuned (as it was in the final mix)—and it proved to be oddly unsettling to hear Spears’s voice wobble through the take. As producer William Orbit noted, it’s not exactly fair to judge Spears’s vocal skills by a track that was recorded as a warm-up—and that Spears knew would ultimately be AutoTuned, which might affect the way a singer attacks a take—but still, the audio had listeners buzzing all day Wednesday. YouTube has been aggressive about pulling the track down whenever it’s posted, so the audio is now hard to find. (BuzzFeed)

Robin Thicke’s album Paula sold only 530 albums in its first week on sale in the U.K. To put that in perspective: last week in a hypothetical U.K. city about the size of Rochester, Minnesota, only one solitary person felt the need to pick up the new Thicke. (Billboard)

Funny or Die puts together what they think Kanye’s set list must look like…(Spin)

Alice Cooper inducted into White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame. That guy must really love sliders. (Wired)

Zach Braff talks about Wish I Was Here soundtrack, song by song. (Rolling Stone)

Those poor Juggalos just can’t catch a break. The FBI had classified the Insane Clown Posse fans as a gang and the ICP sued them to get rid of the label. The courts ruled in favor of the FBI and Juggalos remain a gang…at least in the eyes of the FBI. (Washington Post)