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Today’s Music News: Lily Allen gets cuffed, and more

via Lily Allen on Facebook

Lily Allen got some Australian cops in hot water when they complied with her request to stage a gag photo (since deleted from the singer’s Instagram) in which Allen has been handcuffed and appears to be under arrest. “I don’t appreciate a photo of […] police playing around with their handcuffs,” said a local legislator. “It’s bad that the federal police allowed this to happen and they should be hauled over the coals.” (Rolling Stone)

Paul McCartney announced that an upcoming reissue of Wings at the Speed of Sound (1976)—part of an ongoing series of reissues of McCartney’s post-Beatles albums—will include a previously unreleased version of “Beware My Love” featuring John Bonham. The late Led Zeppelin drummer also appears on two tracks on Wings’ 1979 swan song Back to the Egg. (Billboard)

Proving that you don’t need to be at the Electric Daisy Carnival to abuse psychoactive substances at a concert, a Keith Urban crowd in Mansfield, Massachusetts hit the bottle(s) so heavily on Saturday night that 40 concertgoers required medical attention for alcohol-related illness and another 50 were taken into police custody. Urban’s Bay State fans were such a mess that six communities’ worth of emergency medical crews had to be called in to treat the crowd of 18,000—about the capacity of the Minnesota State Fair Grandstand. (New York Times)

Neil Young is asking supporters of Pono—a high-fidelity music streaming service that Young funded via Kickstarter, one of the most successful campaigns in that service’s history—to support Rainforest Connection, a campaign to embed rainforest trees with retrofitted cellphones that will help allow locals and environmentalists to detect illegal logging or poaching. (Rolling Stone)

Facebook has a new app, called Mentions, meant to make it easier for marquee celebrities to interact with their fans. Reactions from musicians and others have thus far been tepid. “He did not know this was such a bonkers system,” a spokesperson for Ed Sheeran told the Sunday Times. William Shatner also didn’t appreciate that the app promptly recommended he follow his former co-star George Takei, with whom he’s been feuding for years. (Billboard)

Australian boy band 5 Seconds of Summer dressed as Target employees and tried, seemingly without much success, to sell their new album to unsuspecting customers. Maybe Walmart would have been a better bet.