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Today’s Music News: Led Zeppelin are never, ever, ever getting back together (probably)

Jimmy Page has been fueling rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion, blaming Robert Plant for standing in the way. “He’s just playing games,” Plant told the New York Times in May, “and I’m fed up with it, to be honest with you.” Now, Plant says he feels “disappointed and baffled” by Page’s seemingly futile attempts to woo Plant into a reunion on Page’s own terms. Saying Page “walked away” from an offer by Plant to experiment with an acoustic performance, Plant now says Page “needs to go to sleep and have a good rest.” (Rolling Stone)

At 72, Aretha Franklin says she feels as good as she did in her 50s and that she’s “jazzed” for her summer state fair tour that will take the legendary diva to Ohio, Wisconsin, and our own Great Minnesota Get-Together. (Billboard)

Morrissey‘s former bodyguard Bradley Steyn is suing the Smiths frontman, saying that Steyn was unjustly fired after refusing to rough up the proprietor of a fan site Morrissey didn’t like. Morrissey has vehemently denied the allegations, saying he’s had zero personal involvment with Steyn and that the story about the order for a hit is “a vexatious lie.” (Consequence of Sound)

Jenny Lewis‘ latest album, The Voyager, is our Album of the Week this week and we’ve been enjoying it. But, there’s another way for you to enjoy The Voyager. Lewis has vented her own wine that is supposed to pair well with her album. The limited edition wine is a California red named, “The Voyager Wine” and if you buy the wine you get a download of the album. (Consequence of Sound)

Reissue news: as of September 2, Big Star‘s #1 Record (1972) and Radio City (1974), which have been sold in a single-disc bundle for years, will again be available to purchase as individual albums—now with remastered sound, and liner notes by R.E.M.‘s Mike Mills. (Rolling Stone) On September 30, Oasis will reissue What’s the Story, Morning Glory? (1995) with a load of bonus tracks. (Rolling Stone)

Ariel Pink got into bed with YouTube host Alexi Wasser and told the story of the time he was “maced by a feminist” after they spent the night together and she mistakenly assumed that he was not going to buy her lunch as promised. The story, and Pink’s (NSFW) telling of it, are not particularly flattering. Perhaps most newsworthy is that we learn he pronounces his name Ar-i-EL (“at least in this situation”).

Also keeping it classy is Justin Bieber, who taunted Orlando Bloom—yes, Orlando Bloom—via Instagram by briefly posting a photo of Bloom’s soon-to-be ex-wife Miranda Kerr in a bikini after Bieber and Bloom scuffled in an Ibiza restaurant. (Billboard)

In a nod to Vulfpeck—the band who made $20,000 by encouraging their fans to repeatedly stream a silent album on Spotify—Michelle Shocked is hoping to fund her new tour by selling a high-frequency album that’s audible only to dogs. The songs on the album are named after executives at Google, YouTube, Pandora, Sirius, and other music entities—except for the last song, which is named after Chris Willman, the journalist who wrote about her allegedly homophobic remarks at a San Francisco performance last year. Shocked’s new album Inaudible Women is now available on CD Baby for $9.99. (Rolling Stone)

See the world through a “Loser”‘s eyes: as Beck releases the companion album to his Song Reader, hipster specs-maker Warby Parker is re-releasing the limited-edition Carmichael frames that were designed with Beck’s help. (Billboard)

Lana Del Rey keeps it simple in the new video for her song “Ultraviolence,” singing and processing in a bridal gown. Read Andrea Swensson’s essay on why it’s time to stop hating on Lana.