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What to do in Duluth: Locals share their tips

We’ve got a great crowd down at Endion Station today for the Current’s live broadcast from Duluth—and we thought we’d take advantage of the opportunity to ask some of the Duluthians (and regular visitors) what they like to do in this beautiful city on the tip of Lake Superior.

Megan and Tom

“We like to drink beer; we’re here for the All Pints North Summer Brew Fest. We like to check out the beer scene. We go to Fitger’s, Zeitgest, and other breweries—and then to Duluth Coffee.”

Devin and Adam

“We recommend sitting on the deck of the Owl’s Club, and having lazy days—weekdays—at the beach.”


“I like hiking on Congdon Creek and Chester Creek.”

Shane and Norma

“It’s great to go out on the Lakewalk, just to walk and see the lake, feel the nice breeze, and take in all the history.”

Renee, Melinda, Angie, and Loranda

“Airbnb’ing! Angie’s my guest, and I’ve never met her before tonight. I like to walk my dogs on the beach, and to see Duluth’s 11 rivers.”

Nick, Erin, and Blake

“You can go to the lake, go camping. The Superior Hiking Trail is always the bomb—in a good way. There’s a great theater scene here—there’s the Duluth Playhouse, one of the oldest community theaters in the country. There are three colleges presenting arts programs, and great radio programs like Take It With You.”

Jessalee and Joey

“We came up here for the Bayfront Music Festival, which was spectacular. The lake has an ethereal draw.”


“Absolutely bike and walk on the Lakewalk. Go to the Bent Paddle Brewery and Frost River.”


“Seeing Glensheen is really worthwhile. Take garden tours and house tours—and climb Enger Tower!”

Jennifer and Erik

“Jump in Lake Superior! Get some paddleboards, and ride mountain bikes on the COGGS Trail. Walk on the beach…and get some beer.”

  • LaRaeRae

    I love this! All great suggestions. I love my city!