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Burnsville all-ages venue the Garage to become a nonprofit organization

Mod Sun perform at the Garage last year. Photo by Nikki Rykhus, via the Garage on Facebook.

After 15-plus years as Burnsville’s acclaimed community youth center, the Garage will transition to a nonprofit music venue in 2015. The Star Tribune reported the organization’s future plans following a joint City Council and school board meeting in July. City Pages recently sat down with project leaders Jack Kold-Williams and Logan Adams to discuss its details.

Under the direction of Twin Cities Catalyst Music Inc., the Garage will evolve from a city-run community center into what Adams calls an “all-ages music laboratory.” Maintaining their mission of hands-on creativity, the venue will soon host a first-class recording studio. In addition to weekly concerts, artists and fans alike will have access to the studio for recording and lessons in sound production.

The Garage’s educational element will continue to expand in a forthcoming partnership with School District 191. In addition to recording, public courses will include photography, music journalism, videography, and event planning and booking. Classes will be available to those of all ages and backgrounds for a small fee and may offer high school credit in the future.

The city of Burnsville has already contributed $106,000 in federal grants toward renovating the restrooms and the recording studio, while an additional $90,000 was pulled from Garage funds. 

Since 1999, The Garage has been a source of community engagement for suburban youth. Current after-school activities include dance classes, art workshops, homework help, and booking meetings for upcoming shows. Its all-ages weekend nightclub venue is almost entirely operated by the teens who attend and perform. The Garage remains a primary hub for the Twin Cities punk, metal, and alternative scene, launching the successful careers of Quietdrive, Four Letter Lie, and more.

Selena Carlson is currently tackling a double major in journalism and music business at Augsburg College. In addition to writing, she is an avid enthusiast of all things banjo; biking; and breakfast for dinner.