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Friday Five: Dessa, Tickle Torture, Fog, and more new Minnesota music videos

Dessa lets her hair down in the new video for "Fighting Fish"

These dog days of summer are all about knocking off of work early, enjoying the fleeting warm weather, and generally taking a more leisurely pace to life. Can someone please tell the Minnesota music scene about this? Because as we head into August the onslaught of show announcements, album leaks, and music video debuts only seems to be getting faster and grander. So much for sneaking out early…

Here’s the latest batch of music videos to come across my desk this week. It was tough to narrow it down to just five this week, which is always a welcome challenge, and there should be a little something for everyone.


Dessa teams up with production duo Isaac Gale (also of Marijuana Deathsquads) and David Jensen for a gorgeous, colorful close-up. The video features her singing and rapping one of the best songs from last year’s Parts of Speech, “Fighting Fish.”

Tickle Torture

There’s so much to love about Tickle Torture and his slinky, sexy new jam “Would I Love You.” And don’t miss his latest feature in Noisey and especially his quote about how he describes his music (probably too randy for me to get away with posting here but a guaranteed LOL nonetheless).


One of the best parts about Andrew Broder launching this Kickstarter to fund a new Fog album is that we’re already getting sneak peaks at what he’s working on—including this solo acoustic little ditty that offers a preview of his work-in-progress “Turning into You.”

Stereo Confession

This, my friends, is what we can an irresistible summer jam. JUST TRY TO RESIST IT. I dare you.


Meet Latasia and Jasharee, a.k.a. LNJAY, a new R&B/hip-hop duo who are currently working with rapper Mike Dreams on their debut EP. Their first single, “Make ’em Listen,” was penned by Dreams and offers a nice introduction to this promising young group.