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Friday Five: Van Stee, BBGun, Jenny Dalton, and more new MN music videos

Happy Friday! There was no shortage of videos to choose from for this week’s Friday Five, with Twin Cities artists Van Stee and Jenny Dalton releasing new music, Minneapolis expat Célosia returning home from Paris to record her new album, BBGun showing off a local recording space, and new electro-industrial group Patch making their debut. It’s shaping up to be an exciting fall for new music here in Minnesota.

Van Stee

Van Stee take the Twin Peaks route in their new video for the song “She Writes,” which was directed & edited by Brant Miller & Ryan Underbakke. “We worked tirelessly on it and took a risk with it style wise,” the band says, describing the new track. “We didn’t feel that it fit our usual aesthetic, so we decided to release it as a single between albums.”


Remember Célosia, the Minneapolis artist whom I stumbled upon in Paris, of all places? Well I just got word that lead singer Frances Priya and her band of Parisians are coming back to the Twin Cities later this month to record their debut album, and while they’re in town they’ll play a show at the Entry on August 25. Here’s their brand-new video for the song “Babyluv,” which stars Frances and the beautiful Seine at night.


For the latest in producer Nate Matson’s ongoing “Spaces” series, BBGun takes us behind the scenes at the popular recording studio Old Blackberry Way.

Jenny Dalton

It’s been a spell since we’ve heard from enchanting singer-songwriter Jenny Dalton. Her music has only grown moodier and more luscious in the time she’s been away, and she offers this track “Wolf Named Someday” as a preview of her forthcoming Black Water, which is due out September 2.


Here’s a totally new discovery to round out the Five this week. Patch will fit along nicely next to Wiping Out Thousands (RIP) and MunQs in your Minnesota record collection, which is to say that they create dance pop with an undercurrent of electronic manipulation and industrial rock. Appropriately, they classify themselves as “deathpop.” Keep an eye out for Patch’s debut EP, Preclusion I, coming August 19.