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Lizzo and Caroline Smith team up for a hot new summer jam

Caroline Smith and Lizzo (Publicity photo)

It’s no secret that Lizzo and Caroline Smith are besties. When Smith launched her new soul-inspired sound last year Lizzo was right beside her on stage, and it’s rare that one of them will perform a solo shows in the Twin Cities without bringing the other out for a cameo.

So when the two performers announced that they would be joining forces for a co-headlining bill at First Avenue on Sept. 27, it seemed like a no-brainer. But what we didn’t know is that we would also get a catchy, irresistible pop duet out of the deal. “Let ‘Em Say,” a joint production between Lizzo, Caroline, and co-songwriter and producer Elliott Kozel (Tickle Torture), is being released today as a celebration of their journeys so far and a fundraiser for the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

“When we made ‘Let ‘Em Say’ we were so excited because the song was everything we had been trying to get off of our chest,” Lizzo explains. “We both have two completely different struggles but the overall theme of independence is the same. We’re liberating ourselves as women in this industry and as citizens in this industry and as human beings, and we’re so excited to be able to share that with everybody.”

That theme of empowerment is present in the new track and will also be a big part of their show at First Avenue. “We will be sharing in each other’s songs in celebration of our passion for all of the ladies out there that were told they were too this and not enough that. All of the mamas out there busting their asses. All of the women out there that make us proud to hold a microphone,” Smith says.

“Caroline Smith is one my closest friends in the whole city,” Lizzo adds. “Working with her and growing with her has been so enriching and amazing to witness. We’ve been talking about joining forces forever and now we finally get to come to the First Avenue main room and share our story of freedom.”

Stream the track here and download it at a pay-what-you-can rate on the duo’s Bandcamp page. All proceeds from the sale of the track go toward the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota.

  1. Listen Lizzo and Caroline Smith, “Let Em Say”

Lizzo and Caroline Smith co-headline First Avenue on Saturday, Sept. 27. Find advance tickets and more info on our events calendar.