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Mark Mallman transforms into Malldusa for new video ‘Monster Movies’

Mark Mallman’s imagination is a delightful thing. Anyone who has seen him perform can attest that he is rarely content to play a straight-ahead concert, instead coming up with one scheme after another and subverting the very idea of what it means to put on a rock ‘n’ roll show. Over the years Mallman has also adopted a number of different personas and alteregos, from Mallwolf—a stage creature so notorious that it even has its own Wikipedia entry—to the Keyborg, a keyboard-clad giant that paraded through the crowd at one of his legendary New Year’s Eve shows.

His latest creation? Malldusa, the wild-eyed, fire-breathing, snake-haired hellion that stars in the new video for his single “Monster Movies.”

“Monster Movies” is the first single off of Mallman’s new album, which has yet to get a release date, and he says it was inspired by late-night dance parties to songs by David Bowie and the Rolling Stones. “The goal was to make a song that could have been a hit in 1977, like a lost single, which is why I’m singing my best Mick Jagger impression,” he explained recently. “My records have always been retro half breeds, but as far Monster Movies goes, I wanted to take it vintage and full blast 2014 in the same song. Now all I gotta do is invent a flux capacitor time machine, and start saving for a Delorean.”

The video similarly feels like a throwback to the ’70s, specifically old-school horror movies. The plot finds Mallman captured by some danger-tape-wrapped mummies and transforming into his Malldusa character, and the proceedings are captured on the screen of an abandoned drive-in late at night. The video was directed by Sam Thompson and Eric Parker Andersen and conceptualized by Mallman himself.

Watch the video here: