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Preview the new Astronautalis, Justin Vernon, and S. Carey collaboration Jason Feathers

Astronautalis, S. Carey, and Justin Vernon (Photos by Nate Ryan/MPR)

Hey, remember back in spring 2014 when the internet was abuzz about a new collaboration between Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and S. Carey, rapper Astronautalis, and producer Ryan Olson? And how they were planning to put their album out in a matter of weeks? For whatever reason, the timing of the release was delayed by a couple of years, but now we’re finally getting the first taste of their “whiskey-fueled” labor in the form of a 60-second preview clip.

“I’m working on something right now, it’s been on the internet a couple times, with Ryan and Astronautalis and S. Carey,” Vernon told Local Show host David Campbell in late 2012. “We’re trying to disturb things a little bit.”

The new crew is called Jason Feathers, and they even have a logo for the band that they created to accompany the short teaser video called “De Oro” that was distributed by Totally Gross National Product today. The only member of the band we get a glimpse of in the video is Astronautalis, who is decked out in a white Nudie suit and gold grill. As with other Ryan Olson projects, both Vernon and S. Carey’s melodies are heavily manipulated by vocal effects.

Shortly after their recording session, Astronautalis told City Pages that he recorded over eight hours of freestyling for Olson, who planned to chop it up and reassemble it for the record, and that the album will “only sound like a hip-hop record to a certain degree.” If this clip is any indication, the quartet have definitely narrowed in on a unique sound.

Watch the short teaser here:

UPDATE: The full Jason Feathers debut, De Oro, is now streaming on Pitchfork. The music comes packaged with a set of publicity photos shot by Cameron Wittig and a lengthy, convoluted “backstory” for the band, including alter egos for each member.