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Today’s Music News: A million new (copies of) Beatles albums to be released next month

Music retailers are looking to fall releases to put some perks in their sales figures: among the highest-profile releases are new albums by Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, One Direction, and Lil’ Wayne. Only the Beatles, though, could inspire the production of a million copies—in mono—of albums they’ve already released. That’s how many vinyl records Universal is pressing to sell individual and boxed copies of albums released in mono by the Beatles. (Billboard) “Up until 1968,” notes the set’s description on Amazon, “each Beatles album was given a unique mono and stereo mix, but the group always regarded the mono as primary.” The albums will be (re)released on September 9.

“I cannot defend the views I expressed,” writes Henry Rollins, recanting a controversial column in which he criticized Robin Williams and others who have taken their own lives.

As Arcade Fire‘s Reflektor tour rolls on, the band have been welcoming high-profile guests to help them perform cover songs: David Byrne (in tuxedo and white makeup) guested on Suicide‘s “Dream Baby Dream,” Buster Poindexter (a.k.a. David Johansen of the New York Dolls) for his hit “Hot Hot Hot,” and Marky Ramone for two Ramones covers.

Speaking of the Ramones, Morrissey is curating a new Ramones greatest hits album. (Consequence of Sound)

M.I.A. and the NFL have reached a settlement for an undisclosed sum—the league was seeking $16.6 million—in the lawsuit the league filed over the artist’s bird-flipping at the 2012 Super Bowl. (Pitchfork—including images of the gesture in question)