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Today’s Music News: The world’s richest bassists

Super-rich bassist Sting performs at the Xcel Energy Center with Paul Simon in February. Photo by Jay Gabler/MPR.

Who are the world’s richest bassists? Maybe that’s not a question that you realized you wanted to know the answer to, but now that it’s been asked, aren’t you curious? The Richest lists the top ten (in descending order of richness): the BeatlesPaul McCartney ($1.2 billion), the Police‘s Sting ($300 million), KISS‘s Gene Simmons ($300 million), Pink Floyd‘s Roger Waters ($270 million), U2‘s Adam Clayton ($150 million), Red Hot Chili PeppersFlea ($115 million), Led Zeppelin‘s John Paul Jones ($80 million), Black Sabbath‘s Geezer Butler ($65 million), No Doubt‘s Tony Kanal ($45 million), and Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic ($10 million).

Speaking of Paul McCartney, here are a few seconds of a Kanye West song that may feature Sir Paul. It’s NSFW, if vulgar synonyms for urine are problematic at your workplace.

Morrissey‘s public feud with his label, Capitol/Harvest, has blown up: after the artist posted a lengthy diatribe criticizing the label for not properly promoting his new album World Peace is None of Your Business, the album was removed from streaming services and online retailers including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon—though physical copies remain available. Pitchfork now speculates that the album may be re-released through another label altogether.

Alexis Krauss of Sleigh Bells has launched a new blog promoting healthy cosmetics: Beauty Lies Truth. (Consequence of Sound)

“Shake It Off,” the new Taylor Swift single, has made radio history: it hit American airwaves faster than any other song in the history of top 40 radio. Within 24 hours of its release, every single top 40 station reporting to Billboard had added the song to its playlist. (Hits Daily Double)

The title of Usher‘s new album might have been leaked by the Honey Nut Cheerios bee. (Billboard)

Despite the fact that much of New Jersey governor Chris Christie’s conservative agenda is at odds with Bruce Springsteen‘s notably liberal beliefs, Christie vigorously denied a rumor that Springsteen has asked Christie not to play the Boss’s songs at political events. (SPIN)

Now we know where Casey Kasem‘s remains are going to be buried—but we still don’t know why. Jean Kasem says that her Norwegian heritage is the reason she plans to bury the remains of her late husband in that country—but Kasem’s kids say their stepmother “doesn’t have an ounce of Norwegian blood.” (Billboard)